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Genital Cancer Screening

Genital cancer is a major health problem in India. The main problem is that there is no screening test for it. We are offering a special Genital Cancer Screening at our Hospital.

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Screening For Genital Cancer 

Genital Cancer Screening is a one-step, non-invasive and confidential test that detects the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It is a safe, quick and easy way to detect HPV infections in women who are at increased risk for genital warts and cervical cancer. By detecting the presence of the virus, this test can assist in managing HPV infections before they become cancerous.

Genital Cancer Screening is designed for women aged 21-65 to have a free, confidential, no-obligation screening for the most common form of cancer in the world. The test detects an abnormal cell on the cervix that may be precancerous and can be treated before it becomes malignant or invasive.

Genital cancer is the second most common cancer in men. It’s treatable if diagnosed early, but sometimes there are no symptoms at all, and it has to be removed surgically.


Adolescent or Puberty Clinic

This clinic provides the best of the best for adolescents and their parents. The doctors and the nurses are trained at our hospital itself. 

Antenatal Care(Pregnancy Care)

We provide complete antenatal care, delivery, high risk pregnancy, and obstetric care for all kinds of women. 

Cosmetic Gynecology

The Cosmetic Gynecology department provides care for women who are experiencing skin issues from menstruation to pregnancy.


Garbhasanskar is the best mantra for your pregnancy. It is a natural remedy that helps you to have a healthy and normal delivery with minimum pain.

Advance Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that provides access to the abdominal cavity. It allows surgeons to perform surgery on the lower abdomen or pelvis without penetrating the abdominal wall.

Menopause Clinic

The Menopause Clinic was started with the aim of providing women suffering from menopause and  It provides support, advice and counselling to women during this crucial time in their lives.


Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that helps with pain relief. Physiotherapy involves physical therapy where therapists use various forms of treatments to help patients recover from their injury.

Postnatal Care (Post Delivery Care)

Postnatal Care (Post Delivery Care) is a To be given in case of complications during pregnancy or delivery. Also to help women recover and get back to normal activities as quickly as possible.

Premarital Councelling

Premarital counselling is a one-on-one session between the couple to discuss issues and concerns related to marriage. It helps people in their preparation for marriage.

Nutritional Advice

We Provide all the information you require to lead a healthy and happy life, with an emphasis on prevention and early detection.

Family planning Services

Anandi hospitals are committed to meeting the changing needs of our patients in accordance with the Family Planning Services Act and Regulations.

Well Woman Clinic

We provide the most comprehensive and specialized women’s health care services to meet the unique needs of patients from all walks of life.

Our Doctors

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